About Us

The iSquareland is home to a world class personalized gifts collection and state of the art framing facility. We've been turning window shoppers into happy, long-time clients for over a decade. Whether you're a seasoned collector, an aspiring da Vinci, or just a passerby with a sense for all things beautiful, The iSquareland Art Shop is an enchanting experience for all who visit.

We sell art that changes lives. Art that awakens our imagination, transforms our homes and expresses who we really are. At iSquareland we're building a world where artists can make a living doing what they love.

We set a very high standard when we went looking for a suitable place to make our products. We wanted to find a place that would be able to make our product to the highest standards of quality, a luxury product we could offer to the market at everyday prices. After visiting over a hundred factories, we found our perfect match with the combination of quality and personal attention of the owners when we met our local partner and saw what their team of artisans could make. Once we made the decision, we joined forces to make it possible to not only get the highest quality production, but also ones you could design yourself.

All of the products in our specialized line are made to the highest sustainable practices, using premium materials with a known provenance. The premium materials we use are from Germany and Japan.

Thank you for visiting our store.

iSquareland Team